Shenzhen Wesonton Science and Technology Co., Ltd has a high-quality employees’ group, sound technical power, professional trained R & D production personnel, project technician, quality inspector maintainers. The customer’s service sector of the company serves as the after-sales service center cooperating with project technical department and forms formal and regular service center after uniform training. The major after-sales service items include technical training and support in operating, installing, commissioning and maintaining of HST, WST series intelligent One-Card-Through system.

服务理念 Service principles

服务宗旨:诚信第一、效率第一、客户至上、服务至上 Service guideline: Faith-first, efficiency-first, customer-priority, service-priority
服务目的:为客户解决问题,让用户满意 Service objectives: solve problems for customers and satisfy the customers
服务作风:快捷迅速、急顾客所急 Service styles: rapid and easy, worry about what the customers worry about
服务目标:零投诉、精益 Service objectives: zero complaint, constantly strive for excellence

Pre-sales service

(1)Recommend products: introduce all-round the characteristics, advantages and weak points of products of the company objectively and in details for the customers to get a integral systematic knowledge and information of the products and make accurate comparison and choices.
(2)Provide data: meet the customers’ demand in any relevant data and documents in the aspects of technical data, qualification documents, product functions, technical parameters and technical plan and business operations.
(3)Design plan: help the customers to design and make accurate and feasible product technical plan meeting the customers’ requirement, in conformity with the field characteristics and answer the customers’ consultation and problems at any time based on the spot situation provided by the customers (chart and writings) and the demand orientation of terminal customers, in combination with the product characteristics of the company, and necessarily possible on-the-spot surveys.

In-sales service    

(1)Technical training: provide training for the relevant technicians of the partners including the safety cautions, simple failure maintenance and daily maintenance notice of the functions, philosophy, setting, technical parameters, wiring and equipment installation and commissioning and provide training material (writing material or optical disc).
(2)On-the-spot guidance: for the local project, the company assigns the personnel to guide on the spot the installation and commissioning until acceptance; for the other places, the company provides relevant material to guide the installation (including wiring chart, device positioning chart and installation specifications, etc). When necessary assign personnel to guide on the spot according to the customers’ requirement to ensure the terminal customers and partners to satisfy.
(3)Relevant service: provide customers’ requested services at any time by phone and internet and provide relevant acceptance material in time(including product production certificate, product inspection reports, qualification certificate and product instructions).

After-sales service

The company carries out the service policies of one-year guarantee and for-ever maintenance for the products manufactured in our company sold by regular channel; during the treatment of product system failure process, the products with the problems involved in product quality shall be replaced in the principle of 3-Rs.
(1)Product maintenance: one-year guarantee for free (replacing parts for the manual damaged or natural disaster is just only charged at its cost.
(2)Maintenance time: arrive within one hour after receiving the notice of failure for only one purpose to guarantee the customers to satisfy.、
Special commitment: the products cannot run normally after many times maintenance within half year after acceptance for its quality problems, then the company will replace it for free.

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